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Commercial Mills (and Paterson St).PNG

This picture shows Geo Holden & Co (Paterson St) - it is the mill with the light coloured weaving shed roofs. On the other side of the Leeds-Liverpool canal is Commercial Mills, part of which was also leased by Geo Holden & Co Ltd before the purchase of Paterson Street Mill.

Havelock Street Mill (Square photo).PNG

This picture shows Havelock Mill on Stancliffe Street. The mill is in the foreground of the picture. The 14 'saw-edge' weaving sheds are located behind the buildings used for preparation and offices.

George Henry Holden (1852 - 1922)

The founder of Geo Holden Ltd (Paterson St Mill) and T&A Lolden Ltd ( Havelock Mill)

George Holden 1.jpg
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